Our Mission
“To deliver reliable poultry products and cr...
“To deliver reliable poultry products and create demand for new products and services.”
Our Vision
“To be the leading provider of premium quali...
“To be the leading provider of premium quality products and services”
Highly qualified team with a common purpose and mo...
Highly qualified team with a common purpose and motivation
Integrity and Equality
Customer Respect
Teamwork and  Loyalty

About us

        The leading egg producer of Mongolia "NVTs Group" was founded in 1998, focusing to establish complete farming system.  

       NVTs Group was started its own egg production in 2003. By 2011, established ecologically friendly poultry farm project for 1 million hens, expanding its operations by facilitating with advanced technologies. Today, the poultry farm is upgraded into complex facility with 440 000 hens and 110 000 pullets total of 550 000 layers. By mid 2018, the project succesfully completed egg-incubation system for 300 000 eggs, on-farm poultry slaughter house 4 000 fowls, fodder plant for 10 tons per hour, and an infrastructure for 1 million layers.  

       In addition to the egg production, NVTs Group has been importing table eggs from Belorechenskoe, one of the leading egg suppliers in Russian Federation, for one more than 20 years, importing chicken meat from US, Brazil, Chinese companies on a regular basis. The company employs 300 staff, covering 40% of chicken meat and 60% of egg at the domestic market. 

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Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Khan-Uul district, Chinggis Khaan avanue, NVTs co. Bld

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